Saturday, January 8, 2011


What I Did Saturday (WIDS):

So... after careful consideration, I have decided to add a personal twist to my teaching blog. Every Saturday, I will add a "What I Did Saturday" post. Here goes....

1. Woke up at 5:30 AM to my snoring husband and his phone alarm going off. Guess he forgot to set it to Weekdays Only.

2. Couldn't go back to sleep so I spent countless hours reading through about 20 teaching and personal life blogs. I can't seem to get enough of blog reading. Love it!!

3. I dyed my hair. Boy, did it need it! I looked like Trailer Trash Barbie with an inch of roots.

4. Grouped my 2-year-old's closet by Gymboree clothing lines. In case you didn't know, I absolutely am in love with Gymboree. I can't quite remember what my obsession was before I had a little girl. The Gymboree employees know me by name. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

5. Ate an early 10:30 lunch of my Olive Garden leftovers. I had been up since 5 AM, remember.

6. Purged my wardrobe and put the remaining clothing victim pieces in boxes because........... we finally have a closing date for Tuesday!!!!!!  It's been a 4 month-long process. In the meantime, my 2 year old is jumping into the clothes piles saying, "Wheee!"

7. Took Madelyn to Goodwill. Our Goodwill is crummy since we live in a small town. Didn't find anything, so I took Mady to Sonic for a mid-afternoon cheese sticks and chocolate shake snack.

8. Visited my 'rents for a little while.

9. My hubby and I went walking on our new land and porch. We wouldn't dare try to break in the house before it's ours. We'll never tell.

10. Downloaded a new book for my Nook Color and read for awhile, while Madelyn was napping

11. My fingers got in a bidding war for some fab Ugg boots I've been dying for. My husband is going to have a heart attack if I win these boots off Ebay. I just couldn't resist and I'm tired of my feet being cold.

Well, that about sums it up. Maybe my husband won't kill me and I'll be around for next week's WIDS (What I Did Saturday)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Food Pyramid Bracelets

My first graders are learning about the Food Pyramid this week. To help them remember the 6 food groups and the serving amounts, we made food pyramid bracelets today. Each bead color represents the food group and the number of beads per color represent the amount of servings/cups you need per day. For example, the orange beads are the bread/grains group. There are 4 beads because you need around 4 ounces per day.

Orange- Bread/Grains
Green- Vegetables
Red- Fruit
Yellow- Oils/Fats

Blue- Dairy
Purple- Meat & Beans

             Tip: Use pipe cleaners as bracelets. They work well for this project.